Those submitting an abstracts are also referred to below as presenters and speakers depending on the phase of conference preparation.

EARMA speakers, registration, cancellation

EARMA is a community of peers who gather at the yearly conference among other events. EARMA enables many to speak at different stages of their career. There is no payment for speaking but it is considered to be a contribution to the community and an opportunity for the speakers and their idea’s to gain visibility. All speakers will by consequence be required to register and pay the conference fee. Conference fees can be found advertised on the website. In case of doubt please contact the specified e-mail address for information on or

This means that when you submit an abstract you are committed to registering and paying for your registration by the end of the early bird period. Your presentation may be cancelled in such case that you are not correctly registered at the end of the early bird period. You are also committed to being available and able to come to the conference for the full duration of the two main conference days. EARMA cannot take into account preferred time slots. Please consider this while booking your flights.

Speakers are responsible for arranging and paying their own travel. EARMA will not provide additional travel guidance to that openly available on the website.

EARMA operates one rate for the full conference. There is no option to register for single days or part of a day nor to opt in our out of the gala dinner or nay other part of the main conference. Side events are fully optional.

The EARMA conference will be an in person conference unless it is changed to a digital or hybrid event. While it is EARMA’s intention to host an in person conference, the registrant is guaranteed a conference but not an in person conference. In such case that the conference must be changed to an digital conference, your registration will automatically be transferred to the digital conference. You will not be able to cancel at that point outside of the regular cancellation terms. Changing to digital or hybrid is only envisaged because of a pandemic or other act of god or its’ direct or indirect consequences on the conference or EARMA.

Abstract review, presentation, recording and the EARMA Digital Platform

Your abstracts and any information related to the abstract can be consulted by the EARMA Annual Conference Programme Committee, The EARMA Board, relevant external reviewers and the EARMA Office. Please note that this a peer review system and the review is done by colleagues not employed by EARMA.

Your abstract will be shared and related information will be shared with the conference delegates and will be handled by third parties providing logistics such as the professional conference organiser and the venue. EARMA will have data processing agreements with these parties.

Your presentation and slides may be recorded and made available to conference participants and EARMA members in a password protected environment. It will not be openly put online or shared instead short parts (seconds) of it in promotional video’s or in video reports, blogs or other reporting on the conference. Presenters may provide an alternative slide deck on their own initiative to be spread to conference participants which may be shorted but should be a representation of the presentation. Such shorter slide decks must be sent before the deadline specified to provide the full slide deck.

If you check the box that you are interested in also doing your presentation in an online version of the conference and/or could be contacted for other EARMA events, this will imply that:

  • EARMA can carry over the presentation to a digital conference (this is fallback option if we are unable to organize an in person conference)
  • EARMA can use the presentation and recording and make it available to delegates and EARMA members in a password protected environment. EARMA can store and edit it for this purpose.
  • EARMA has the right to include this recording and these slides on its’ own website and streaming platform in a password protected environment in line with the EARMA privacy policy
  • The presenter(s) may request EARMA to make changes or remove the video by mailing to or the main helpdesk e-mail specified at that time on or
  • The presenter must request and receive a confirmation of receipt of the e-mail. EARMA may choose to accept or reject these changes within the first two years following the date of the presentation but will try to be reasonable and accommodating in all circumstances. After two years, the request will be granted by default although EARMA may 
  • choose in all circumstances to delete instead of change. 

Withdrawing and cancellation

Speakers may withdraw their abstracts at any time before the end of the early bird submission and should notify EARMA at the e-mail address mentioned in the guide for proposers or specified on the website. After the early bird, speakers may withdraw their abstracts based on sickness, injury or other serious personal issues. In addition they may withdraw if they are unable to travel due to restrictions by the government and/or their employer. They must be able to document these instances. Withdrawing without proper reasoning or without contacting EARMA will result in any conferences fees being forfeit and not getting access the conference venue or materials. This may also result into a ban to future abstract submission or a temporary ban to attend EARMA events. Presenters are invited to contact EARMA in case of special cases or in such events that the content of their presentation becomes irrelevant or no longer timely. EARMA will always try to be accommodating when approached at an early stage or in case of an emergency.

Speaking, representing and content

The content of the abstracts in no way represents EARMA policy or views. Speakers should never represent it as such unless mandated to do so by the EARMA board or Managing Director. 

EARMA may reject any presentation, cancel a presentation (also on site and during the presentation) if the presentation is not in line with the EARMA values. Any content containing elements of discrimination or incitement to violence or hate is specifically forbidden at the EARMA conference and any EARMA forum or media.

Any content presented cannot be considered (to be held) confidential. Confidential information should not be presented. Presenting any confidential information or any information or idea’s not open to the public falls under the responsibility of the speaker.

Speakers trying to sell or promote commercial products or services outside of the regular sponsor and exhibitor structure of the conference are liable to litigation. In case of doubt please contact the EARMA ACPC. Please note that this doesn’t mean that representatives of companies, consultants or other for profit business representatives are banned from speaking. These persons are welcome to present but not to sell or promote their products or services while speaking. Any sponsored session are part of the regular sponsor and exhibitor structure and may proceed in accordance with their contract and arrangements with EARMA.


Presenters will need to reachable by EARMA with the purpose of evaluating the abstract and preparing the conference. The presenter submitting the abstract must disperse the communication to any other speakers and must respond within 10 working days to EARMA queries. Not answering in a timely fashion or not providing the required information may result into cancellation of the presentation and forfeit of the conference fees. Not answering further reminders in 10 working days may result in a ban to the conference or temporary ban for future EARMA events.

Bans or forfeit of conference fee

Any bans described must be approved by the EARMA board and loss of conference fees will be administered by the EARMA office. Members or delegates may appeal to decisions of the EARMA board via the GA and to decisions of the EARMA Office to the EARMA Managing Director and in second order to the EARMA board when not agreeing with the decision of the Managing Director. Any cancellations of the presentation by EARMA can be decided upon by the Annual Conference Programme Committee by not recommending the presentation to the EARMA board (any longer). EARMA may choose to cancel any presentation at any time due to practical considerations, to better balance the content across the conference or because it find the content or slide deck irrelevant, substandard or obsolete. Presenters that see their presentation cancelled by EARMA unilaterally within one month before the conference or during may reclaim their conference fee if they do not attend the conference and may reclaim their non-refundable travel costs with EARMA after providing documentary evidence of the costs and their payment. They cannot reclaim any costs of this kind in such case that the reason for the cancellation is the replacement of the conference by a digital or hybrid version. In such case the presenter will assume the responsibility of any financial losses and the conference fees will remain with EARMA as payment for the digital event.


The Abstract submission, review and registration is now realized through EARMA´s own online conference management system. However, for the purpose of the Oslo conference, EARMA will contract the professional services of Gyro conference to provide specific services. To perform such services Gyro Conference may need access to our online conference management system. EARMA has signed a data processor agreement with them. Gyro conference shall only process personal data to which the company gains access to as part of the fulfilment of its contractual obligations with respect to EARMA Conference. Gyro conference shall not be permitted to disclose any personal data to third parties.