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Invited Speaker Award 2023

Invited Speaker Award 2023

We are delighted to announce the launch of the inaugural EARMA Invited Speaker Award 2023, aimed at enriching your events with distinguished speakers, whether virtual or in-person. This exciting initiative reflects our ongoing dedication to elevating the quality of events and fostering professional development within our community.

The Invited Speaker Award seeks to support events, including meetings, workshops, seminars, and webinars, that offer tangible benefits to participants and align with EARMA's objectives and strategy. We are particularly interested in proposals that leverage innovative techniques for effective content delivery and collaborations that expand the event's scope and depth.

EARMA will provide funding of up to €500 per event to facilitate the engagement of esteemed external speakers. This funding can be utilized for securing speakers, designing and producing digital content, and covering modest costs related to equipment or supporting materials. Please note that staffing and indirect/overhead expenses are not eligible for funding.

Applicants should possess a minimum of two years' experience in Research Management and Administration. Current EARMA members in good standing are eligible to apply, provided they have maintained their membership for at least the previous membership year. However, please note that Board and Award Committee members, as well as members who have received grants in the same or consecutive calendar year, are not eligible.

Applicants should also review EARMA's general terms and conditions, noting that the rules specific to the EARMA Invited Speaker Award take precedence. It is important to calculate and provide a justification for the requested funding amount. The EARMA Invited Speaker Award requires completion of a dedicated application form within the specified deadline.

All applications must be received by 17:00 (CET) on Monday, July 10, 2023. The EARMA Awards Committee will assess the applications and provide recommendations to the EARMA Board for review. Awardees will receive written notification of the decision once ratified by the EARMA Board.

We eagerly anticipate receiving your innovative event proposals and the high-profile speakers they will bring to our community. Together, let's continue to enhance the quality of research management events and promote professional development of RMAs.